Compression & Seamless™ is a revolutionary garment technology that applies targeted compression over specific muscles and joints.

Compression & Seamless™ increases oxygen delivery to working muscles, over specific body zones, helping the body to enhance performance, reduce fatigue and aid muscle recovery.

Compression & Seamless™ reduces muscle vibrations, provides greater stability over body movements, and gives greater support over major muscles and joints.

Compression & Seamless™ is achieved through Engineered Knitting Technology (EKT), in which garments are engineered to apply a balanced and accurate surface pressure over specific body parts.

Compression & Seamless™ keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strains.

Compression & Seamless™ wicks sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes.

Compression & Seamless™ wraps the body perfectly, like a second skin.