Environmental Policy

Memteks is well aware of the global and environmental policies. Our liabilities towards the environmental safety are, reducing wastages, be accessible of techonological investments and improve awareness to all partners about such issues. In order to fulfill Environmental requirements, MEMTEKS gets evaluated by ISO14001:2015.

With above awareness;

  • To observe all related local laws, international standards, regulations and legislations
  • Protecting natural springs, effective usage and providing technological equipment for reducing wastes
  • To make provisions for reduced or eliminated environmental impacts
  • To manage our invesments according to environmental impacts
  • To evaluate environmental risks and opportunities according to life cycle assessments
  • To take an action and regular review to reach goals and targets for improvements
  • Minimizing wastes, recycling and remove non-recycle wastes according to requirements
  • Planning educations for acquiring awareness to employees
  • Our environmental policy is always accessible to people
  • To improve our partners and employees environmental awareness and sensitivity by providing our policy

Memteks assures the above requirements.