Environmental Policy

  • As Memteks, in all our units where we provide production and employmentWe make production respectful to nature with environmental awareness and management approach. Apart from compliance with laws and regulations, we apply ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standards in our company.
  • We undertake that Memteks will produce without polluting the environment during all production phases, evaluate the wastes that it can make the necessary separation and recycling in order to prevent harmful substances from mixing with nature, and constantly improve it by keeping up with the environmental policy.
  • We know that presenting a better world to future generations depends on consuming today's resources as little as possible and not polluting them, and we train our employees in this regard.
  • As Memteks, we work in a continuous development and discipline on the environment with our policies such as acting in accordance with this awareness, establishing the necessary treatment systems in our production facilities, recycling our consumption materials to production and industry, and working with suppliers that have environmental permits and are approved.
  • We inform our customers and stakeholders through our Sustainability Reports that we prepare periodically.
  • By following the developing technology, environmental conditions and updated legislation, we make continuous improvements in our Environmental Policies with monthly meetings.
  • We constantly monitor and record our consumptions and hold monthly meetings with environmental engineering companies that we work with to reduce consumption.