For The World

Ecological Responsibility

Our success in Apparel-Textile is defined not only by our innovative products and customer satisfaction but also accomplishments as a responsible corporate citizen of the world. Our responsibility is to integrate main components of sustainability principles (enviromental protection-social responsibility-economic development) and practices into the way Memteks does business. We are achieving integration of sustainability in our company through strong management commitment, development of global resource networks and routine measurement of performance and reporting of results.

By fundamentally enhancing our culture to incorporate sustainability into responsible solutions, our daily decision-making and behavior, our company is being empowered to achieve best-in-class sustainability leadership and performance. Sustainability is one of the key pillars on which we build our success. We believe it is our obligation to drive sustainability practices and principles in the markets in which we participate.

  • To produce apparel-textile products which enhance quality of life and are protective of our earth's resources.
  • To be recognized as the premier company for superior quality, performance, and a portfolio of products that meet our customers' sustainability needs around the globe

Ecological Responsibility
Enviromental Protection
For The Environment

Enviromental Protection

We are doing our part to promote sustainable business practices and protect and improve the environment throughout our global operations.

  • Sourcing materials responsibly and applying the best available techniques and practices to minimize depletion of resources and optimize process efficiency
  • Employing responsible management practices to ensure emissions, wastewater, and volumes of waste material remain as low as possible.
  • Implementing energy reduction projects to evaluate electricity reduction options.
  • Investing in recycling infrastructure to maximize use of recyclable materials
For Our Employees

Social Equity

Safety, people development, and giving back to the communities in which we operate are integral parts of our sustainability culture.

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for our employees.
  • Driving down lost-time accidents and lost workdays through our safety program.
  • Promoting employee volunteerism in our communities.
  • Demonstrating integrity, respect, and trust in our relationships.
Social Equity
Economic Development
For Our Economy

Economic Development

In striving to be a leader we foster sustainable business practices that create value for our customers.

  • Innovating to meet market needs.
  • Driving manufacturing excellence and continuously improving our operating efficiencies.
  • Implementing cost-out initiatives.
  • Offering a broad range of products to meet our customers' sustainability requirements.
  • Building strategic partnerships with our suppliers and customers to create integrated solutions