Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Working in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy is at the forefront of all our work and goals. We aim to make OHS works more professional by establishing the ISO 45001 system within Memteks Tekstil, especially in compliance with Legal Obligations.
  • We see our personnel as a part of our team, and we ensure that none of our personnel work in a healthy and reliable environment without any risk in terms of OHS before profit..
  • We pay attention to the risk of our employees regarding Occupational Diseases, and raise their awareness with periodic health examinations, trainings and brochures.
  • We ensure the participation of our employees in OHS activities, periodic OHS trainings, OHS meetings with worker representatives, OHS meetings of the Management, Wish-Complaint boxes.
  • We minimize the risks that may cause occupational discomfort in the work areas through our OHS specialist, and provide the necessary protective equipment to our employees.
  • We undertake that Memteks Tekstil, TR Ministry of Labor and Social Security and all other affiliated commercial and professional organizations accept and implement the most up-to-date OHS rules
  • We implement the updated legislation and provisions within its body and explain it to its employees through training and written notifications.
  • We raise awareness of our employees by conducting up-to-date trainings, risk analyzes, practices and exercises with our authorized personnel and OHS experts.
  • We review policies and practices with periodic management meetings, and make continuous improvements with corrections and changes when necessary.